Software Development

With the advent of the technology era, small and large enterprises are on a constant quest for introducing innovative ways to simplify how things work in their organizations by implementing adequate software or applications. Whether it is to customize or modify an existing application, or it is to build a new application for your company, WebzoneBD IT Solution provides you with the most apt software development services to best suit your organization’s requirements.

WebzoneBD IT Solution boasts of highly skilled software development professionals who deliver fully customized and business eccentric software that are both high performance and tight in security. Our software developers provide you with highly innovative and value driven software development services. Over the years, we have gained for ourselves the expertise that enables us to deliver cutting-edge software solutions that suit your business requirements giving you a competitive edge.

All you need to do is share your requirements with our experts and we shall conjure up a solution that will be both “best fit” for your current needs and highly scalable for future requirements of your business. Being a leading software development company, we make sure that we provide you with end to end solutions – your search stops here! Our dedicated software developers work in collaboration with you to understand your requirements and then draw up a project plan to work with you to achieve your business objectives.

Tools and Technologies used:

  • Application DevelopmentASP. NET, C#, C, C++, VC++, ADSI, COM & DCOM, WinSock & Win Inet., PHP, Perl, Win CE 5.0, Symbian Series, Palm SDK, iPhone SDK, J2EE, J2ME, Drupal, Joomla and more.
  • Development EnvironmentsLAMP Framework, Microsoft .NET Frameworks, Microsoft Visual Studio, Symbian Platform, Win CE MS.Net Platform, Mac OS for all version of iPhone, Code-Warrior, Java and more
  • Development ToolsVisual Studio .NET, Visual Source Safe, C#, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Macromedia Flash, Flex, C, Borland C++, Flash Media Server (FMS), MS-TFS, Brew, Carbide ,Objective C, Cocoa C, D, Xcode IDE, Microsoft Silverlight and more
  • DatabasesOracle 9i, MS SQL Server 2005, MySQL 5.0, PostGreSQL and more.

Our Software Development Services Include:’s team of software developers constantly study the industry trends and analyse what works best for various verticals. This enables us to provide you with software solutions that are tailored to suit your requirements. Our range of development services include:

  • Custom Software Development
  • Toolbar Development
  • MS System Development
  • Plug In Development
  • Custom BHO Development

A database operations system (DBMS) is often a computer software request that interacts while using user, other purposes, and the repository itself to get and analyze files. A general-purpose DBMS is built to allow the explanation, creation, querying, bring up to date, and administration involving databases. Well-known DBMSs incorporate MySQL , PostgreSQL , ‘Microsoft’ SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase along with IBM DB. A database is just not generally portable over different DBMSs, but different DBMS can inter-operate by making use of standards such while SQL and ODBC or JDBC to allow for a single application to use more than one particular DBMS. Database management systems will often be classified good database model that they can support; the most favored database systems since the 1980s have most supported the relational style as represented with the SQL language. Sometimes a DBMS is loosely termed as a ‘database’.

Our Tested RDBMS?

The Quality Testing is an essential fact in the actual development of software program. There are a lot of features in Software Testing besides just debugging as well as error correction. Software Testing is essential to enrich the caliber of the software and boost the utility to allow it to be incompatible.

What Advantages associated with our Software?

Quick: Automated tools really are a faster option so long as the scripts which have to be done are regular and none complicated.

Dependability: Automation of check script execution eliminates the chance of human error once the same sequence associated with actions is repeated over and over. Remember this could be really important as you’d be astonished to learn precisely how many test defects raised are actually caused by tester mistake.

Through: There is a possibility of missing out key areas of testing is unlikely to happen. To manage a project where actually a key a part of functionality was overlooked through the test team.

Reusability: The test cases may be used in various versions from the software. Not only will assembling your shed management stakeholders end up being very grateful for that reduced project period and cost, however, it will certainly assist you to when estimating task costs.