PTC Career

What is PTC (Paid to Click)?

Paid-To-Click sites are the Internets recent best money making program. It is the easiest way to earn money online without any investment. This business needs only less skill to work, just login and view AD’s daily and Get paid. PTC acts as a Middle Men(agent) between advertisers and customers(Viewers). A simple Revenue sharing program, in which viewers will earn real money from the share which they(PTC SITES) will get through advertisers. Advertisers need traffic, customers need money[PTC sites offer money for viewing those advertiser websites].

PTC, (Paid To Click) Sites, often found to be the best way of making money online at home while sitting in front of your computer without any investment and more skills. The company or Web Owner who needs traffic or customers will use these PTC agents to advertise their product on basis of some money and a part of this money wil go for the viewers (PTC WEBSITE MEMBERS) for viewing those ads.

How to start PTC Career?

It is very simple to earn money with PTC sites, PTC jobs requires just a BASIC COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE and SPEED INTERNET CONNECTION WITH NO PROXY is enough to work. Just register all those Paying PTC sites here.. Once you completed the signup process, you are ready to earn money. These PTC sites usually pay between $0.0001 to $0.1 per advertisements you are viewing and usually available ads per day will be 4-10ads. Just click every AD and view for 30seconds, validate AD and Get paid instantly. Once reached minimum payout, withdraw your earned money through Paypal, Payza and then to your Local Bank Account.

This is not the end, you can also increase your income through referring others to this PTC sites byu using your referral links & earn almost 50% of their revenue.

Requirements to start !!

  • A personal computer (or) Laptop
  • Only one account per computer per IP
  • Speed internet Connection with No Proxy
  • Gmail account
  • Paypal (or) Payza Account
  • Bank account

Note: All PTC sites listed are free to join and work.

Earn Flow of PTC Career !!

  • All PTC sites are free to join
  • Working with PTC sites does require minimal skills
  • No Previous experience required
  • An example earning chart is given below with 100referrals under your downline… But practically all of them won’t be active, so consider 50active referrals.
  • Your click earnings: 5 ads x $.01 = $ 0.05/day (minimum)
  • Your referral click earnings: 50 x 5 ads x $.005 = $1.25/day (minimum)
  • Your total earnings per day per site = $ 1.30 (minimum)
  • Your monthly earnings per site = 30 x $ 1.30 = $39 (minimum)
  • If you join just 10 best paying PTC sites, your potential earnings is: 10 x 39 = $390/month

Steps to Start Career in this Business

STPE 1: Create a GMAIL ACCOUNT or use existing gmail id for registering these PTC sites. (Best Advice is to create Email Account Google’s GMAIL)
STEP 2: Create your free PAYPAL ACCOUNT for withdrawing your earned money from PTC sites.
STEP 3: Register all PTC sites here. Complete the registration form and you may require to verify your email account. Click the confirmation link in mail and login to your account. Now “View Ads” for desired seconds and get paid

Earning Tips before Joining PTC Sites

  • Join all sites listed here using same email address and username.
  • Use different passwords for all PTC sites.
  • Sign up all PTC sites and Study TOS of each PTC carefully you registered.
  • Before Joining any ptc sites, review the site in google search (type site name followed by scam)
  • Do not invest at the beginning itself, join as a Free member and work for sometime. Get your first pay and invest the same to upgrade, Earn even more.
  • None is 100% real and trust, as someday almost all PTC sites will end up as scammers. So, work with caution.
  • Be active in PTC forums and blogs to know about site state and their activities.


Recently, certain PTC Sites introduced special, new methods. Nowadays, high Upgrade Commission appeared on many PTC Sites. It operates as the next: If your referral upgrade his/her account, then there from you will get a bigger commission. It is a good chance to increase your online income. Hopefully, this method will make successful a lot of PTC Sites in the long run. Usually, if the Membership is higher, then the upgrade commission is bigger. Thus, it is become more attractive to you to upgrade your membership on a lot of PTC Sites.

PTC Sites and Payment Processors

Usually, PTC users use that payment processor, where the fee is the lowest. Another method is when someone uses only one payment processor and collects all his money on it. If you want to use only one payment processor, then this should be the Payza, because practically you can use it for all the Revenue Sharing and PTC sites.

When the PTC Site doesn’t pay

If a new PTC site doesn’t pay, then nothing can be done, this often occurs. However, if an old, trusted PTC Site doesn’t pay, it has a reason. In such cases, it is worth to write to the support and ask what is the problem. Several old PTC sites pay only in that case when the user justify that he is a real person and not a bot. In this situation, admins ask for the copy of the ID Card or a payment processor screenshot.