Objective Statement

To become catalyst within facilitating the beginning of qualified first era entrepreneurs as well as transition associated with existing SME into growth-oriented businesses through entrepreneurship training, training, investigation & organization building.

WebzoneBD IT Solution may be spearheading entrepreneurship movement through the nation having a belief which entrepreneurs do not need to necessarily end up being born, but could be developed via well-conceived as well as well-directed actions.

In consonance with this particular belief, Traffic.com is aimed at:

  • creating the multiplier impact on opportunities with regard to self-employment,
  • augmenting the way to obtain competent business owners through instruction,
  • augmenting the way to obtain entrepreneur trainer-motivators,
  • taking part in institution creating efforts,
  • inculcating the actual spirit associated with ‘Entrepreneurship’ within youth,
  • advertising micro businesses at a non-urban level,
  • building and distributing new understanding and experience in entrepreneurial concept and exercise through investigation,
  • facilitating business excellence via creating intrapreneurs (entrepreneurial supervisors),
  • enhancing managerial abilities of little scale sectors,
  • sensitizing the actual support program to help potential as well as existing business owners establish as well as manage their own enterprises,
  • collaborating along with similar companies in India along with other developing countries to complete the over objectives.

Special Projects | Types of Entrepreneurs as example

  • IT Specialist
  • MIS Developer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Business Developer
  • Internet Marketing Expert
  • Information System Analyst
  • Business Promotional Expert

Enabling Framework
Shodoritu looks for strong macroeconomic conditions that enable entrepreneurship (e.g. stable economic growth, low corruption levels). While we operate in countries and cities that possess structural barriers to entrepreneurship, we believe that with Shodoritu’s help these barriers can be diminished (e.g., early stages of inbound foreign investment).

Potential for Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Shodoritu’s model is about High-Impact Entrepreneurship. We look for markets that have a critical mass of innovative entrepreneurs who need a “jump start” to catalyze an environment favorable to new venture creation and the formation of mature capital markets.

Pull of the Private Sector
Shodoritu requires the support of 5-10 top local business leaders to fund local operations, form a board of directors and build a local network to mentor Shodoritu Entrepreneurs.

Mission Congruence
In our attempts to foster entrepreneurship wherever we operate, Shodoritu will not duplicate efforts in countries that already offer significant support to high-impact ventures. Rather, we look for a vibrant local business community that has the resources, but not the framework, to provide these support services.

We help our entrepreneurs’ companies grow throughout their business “life-cycle” by developing and providing a comprehensive, unparalleled array of demand-driven services and programs. At the heart of Endeavour’s innovative model is our world-class network built to support WebzoneBD IT Solution Entrepreneurs.