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Affiliate marketing is a complicated, multidisciplinary practice that is often misunderstood. At its heart, it is a performance-based marketing technique in which affiliates are financially rewarded for sending customers to another website to purchase goods or services. If you have a website, blog, or other online property, you too can earn money through affiliate marketing. Expert Chy Zaman explores basic principles, from payment models to typical affiliate agreements; winning tactics and techniques, as well as roadblocks to future earnings; and the day-to-day practices that result in a successful affiliate marketing strategy.

Affiliate products & Affiliate Networks: Elaborate What, And What’s Not?

Affiliate programs are also called associate programs and it’s a deal between an advertiser and a publisher. For instance, if I have a created a software and is promoting and selling it via my blog then I can also generate additional income by inviting my blog viewers to promote it in exchange for a commission.

So let’s say, if you referred a buyer for my newly created software product then I actually provide you a 50% commission (or 50% of the additional income that I have made because of you). So if you recommend more people to me then you make more income.

That’s why affiliate marketing is also known as performance marketing. And it’s a win-win, right?

Now if I have the resources then I can run an affiliate program by me personally — within my very own blog or website — and then it called an under one building affiliate program. But if I don’t have the resources or don’t want to manage it myself then I can sign up as an advertiser on an affiliate network.

How Does It Work?

An affiliate marketing network is a center that connects a marketer and a publisher. In other words, it’s a hub for thousands of affiliate programs on the web.

Almost all the affiliate networks have their own tracking, reporting, and payment system. And they all may be centering different niche, location, special offers, etc. with a pool of advertisers — and that makes them all different.

Sometimes an advertiser can have a presence on multiple affiliate networks and still have their own in-house affiliate marketer program.

Perhaps the best thing about an affiliate community is that when you join one of them, you get immediate access to hundreds of thousands of affiliate products on the net — that you couldn’t reach otherwise.

Now, don’t get confused with affiliate community and ad network. For instance, Google AdSense is NOT NECESSARILY an affiliate network but instead an ad network that pays you for “clicks” and not for “sales”.

So if you knew a sale worth $100 to an advertiser on Search engines AdSense (who already have an in-house affiliate program that pays 50% commission) then you might have made $1 or maybe $2 with Google AdSense.

But if you made it happen as an affiliate marketer than your earnings might have been $50.

  • Understanding core affiliate marketing concepts
  • Opening affiliate account(s)
  • Selecting and applying to affiliate programs
  • Monetizing blogs
  • Using affiliate data feeds
  • Using coupons and discounts
  • Adding email, video, and social marketing to the mix

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Really all you need is knowledge, hard-work, and some patience.

You don’t need to chase after the next “shiny object” that you see. Something which promises you automated income, a breakthrough system,  secret loophole, or some other “innovative” method. No!!

The only difference between affiliate marketing beginners and experts is that experts have had a bit more practice and training. You don’t need any special skills.

All you need is a website, great content on that website, and visitors who want to see it. You also need to know how to make money from that website. Of course! That’s why we’re all here today. Don’t pretend you’re not interested in earning more money. You want it, and you’re allowed to want it. The only thing you’re not allowed to do is think that you can get it easily and quickly.

Earn Money Online

People make hundreds and thousands of dollars online every day. I’m not talking about the scammers, the spammers, or the liars. I’m talking about affiliate marketers. People who own websites that give useful information, and make money from providing that information.

We teach you how to make them, or even make them for you, and you grow them into your money-making businesses.

You could get started out with just one website, and go from there. You can definitely do it. You probably already have the skills to get started (If you can use email and Word, you’re good to go.)

Exactly what to do?

I’m not so much interested in where you bought it from or what it was, but why you bought it.Did somebody recommend it to you? Did you search for information or reviews and it was the one that came out on top?

An affiliate marketer becomes an expert on a certain topic, usually one of their passions. They create a website giving information and recommendations on that topic, and when people make purchases based on that, the affiliate marketer earns a commission.

For Example: (from AMAZON)

Even now, long after I’ve moved on from that site to building other sites, I still get sales from those razor articles today. I wrote them once, but they keep earning for me over and over again. Obviously, that screenshot isn’t going to WOW you that much.It’s only a portion of my earnings. I used it to demonstrate to you how writing articles and building a website can pay off as passive income in the future.


Obviously, that screenshot isn’t going to WOW you that much.It’s only a portion of my earnings. I used it to demonstrate to you how writing articles and building a website can pay off as passive income in the future.

This is why, when I decided I wanted to be free to travel around the world visiting my family, I chose Affiliate Marketing as my new career. 

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