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How to Rank YouTube Videos on First page And get more Views | 5 secret

1. You are Looking for How to Rank Videos on YouTube First page?

1And want to get more views on your video?

your write good title good description #perfect #tag but unable to get your videos on youtube first page?

in this post, we will share 5 most important tips to rank your videos on youtube first page and get so many views… on your youtube videos.

SO without wasting any time have a look…!

# Make your video Long
Make your video length, it is better if you can make longer than 10-minute videos. people love to watch short videos,  but According to youtube perspective, youtube always consider watch time, suppose your video is longer than your watch time will more than Youtube Put your video in other video recommendation. Generally, Youtube videos get more Views when youtube recommend your video to the public.

Generally Youtube Rank Longtime video first:

!Note: Make a Quality Longtime video. Don’t make a nasty Longtime video.

# Preview, proof, preview #formula
Finally, You make longtime video bcoz Youtube rank long time video first But now important is that How you engage people to watch your videos? So use #PPP Formula means # preview #proof #preview formula.

Make first 10-15 seconds of your video interesting By using #ppp formula…

#preview: in first 5-second tell people what you want to do or see in your video.

#proof: in next 5-second show proof or benefits of the video.

#preview: See the preview of your video. or use a word like a let’s start The video…

Before starting a Video Always do #preview, proof, and #preview it helps you to engage more people to your channel it help’s you to get more watch time, this watch time will help you to rank your youtube videos and also help you to get more views.

# Put your main keyword starting in the video title.
Use long tail keyword because all short tail keyword is taken.Suppose you Make a video on “How to make a cake”

in this topic, there is 5 lakh video. so use a long tail keyword like “How to make a coffee in 5 minutes”
in this keyword, there is low competition in youtube videos. so use long tail keyword and use it in starting of youtube video’s little.

#Repeat Keyword in Recording
if you are a Youtuber you seem when you use songs or movie trailer you get copyright Stricks.How Youtube detected that you are using other content …? Had you ever Seem? Youtube Always detected Sound of the video.

So when you are recording video on a topic Try to use Your video title keyword in Voice Recording. it helps Youtube to delete That you are not playing a game with video title for getting views. Try to put keyword title on your video voice-recording, it will help you to rank your video on Youtube and Help you to get more views.

# User interaction #like #comment #share
All YouTuber Writers Gives good video title, perfect tags Everything perfect But Youtube always Promot those videos whose has more #like more #comment and #share …

….so always tell people to like your video, share and comment on your video it helps you to get rank your youtube videos and You will get self-promotion from Youtube for views….

# Getting promotion from youtube is #great promotion…it will help you to get so-so…so many views.

For Any Query comment below…….



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