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How To Install WordPress Theme For The Beginners

How To Install WordPress Theme For The Beginners.

We are spread out our WordPress guide, & here we are working to give you a complete guide to installing WordPress theme. Like WordPress themes, WordPress plugin installation can be installed from Dashboard or FTP software. We will provide you the guide to both the systems and before we move forward, I would love you to read the following guide, which will support you to get started with WordPress.

Before we move forward with this guide, here are some of the resources from where you may download the WordPress themes. Although there are a lot of Free WordPress themes available, I always assure for premium one if you are considering to establish a professional blog on WordPress:

There are many other sources, and you can find them at best WordPress Premium Theme club. Though you might like to Setup WordPress locally and test your WordPress before building new theme live on your site. For beginners, when we set up WordPress, by default we get ordinary WordPress theme which is Twenty eleven at the moment. You can all time search themes from WordPress free themes directory using WordPress dashboard, or you can download any .zip file for the theme and upload it directly using any of the below given 02 methods.

You can also use Theme Test Drive plugin to make changes in your WordPress theme live without presenting new theme to your audience.

Guide to Install WordPress theme:

By now, I assume you have downloaded WordPress theme from the authorized repo. Generally, most of the premium theme clubs offer Themes in.Zip format, which you can use to install WordPress theme right from the dashboard. So let’s assume, you have downloaded the theme file in.Zip format & you want to set up it on your WordPress blog.

• Login to your WordPress dashboard
• Navigate to Appearance > Themes > Add new

Once you are on the themes page, click on the Add New button at the top.

Here is a screenshot of the process:

Click on Upload theme. & then Browse/Upload the downloaded WordPress theme file in.Zip format.

When you click on Install now, your theme will be uploaded & will be installed on your server. On the next screen, you will get an option to activate the theme like this:

Before you go active the theme, you may preview your site with a new design by clicking on Preview option. At the moment, preview might not give the exact things & will show some error, it usually occurs. So, if it’s not your live site, you may activate & see the theme live on your site.




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