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The Very Best Affiliate Networks

1. CJ Affiliate marketer

CJ Affiliate was formerly referred to as Commission Junction (or merely CJ) and it’s typically the most popular affiliate network (and also my own favorite).

It’s the oldest affiliate system and that’s why it’s the most well-liked affiliate network associated with Fortune 500 businesses and major online stores.

Commission Junction is the most popular as they come with an unmatched pool of advertisers that people can’t find somewhere else. Also, I’m greatly happy with their interface, payment system and also the customer support.

And what’s much more exciting about CJ is actually that advertisers frequently pay premium fee rates for CJ publishers in comparison with other affiliate networks as well as their own in-house affiliate marketer program.

For example, a majority of the net hosting companies offer 30-50% higher commission about the CJ network in comparison with their in-house affiliate marketer program.

Now something that I detest about CJ is actually their tracking program. It’s not real-time as well as sometimes it doesn’t track sales/leads whatsoever. So it’s greatly possible which you may miss commissions for many sales/leads you have generated.

Anyway, I’m still happy since the payouts are not really delayed, unlike every other affiliate or advert networks.

For example, if you possess referred a purchase in January you’ll be able to get paid within February itself. I said “CAN” since it depends upon the actual affiliate program that you’re promoting.

That is actually, CJ reviews all of the leads/sales you have generated in the prior month on or around the 10th day of each and every month. So, an advertiser may approve a deal or extend it for thirty days (or even deny) upon that day.

It’s applicable to nearly every affiliate network available as the majority of the things that all of us buy online entails a money-back assure. So if the customer you have referred asked for any money-back then the actual advertiser can emptiness your transaction.

When the transaction is approved then you definitely get paid within the same month by itself – around 20th of each and every month. It basically indicates if an advertiser doesn’t extend transactions, then you’re going to get paid on the 20th of the month itself even though you referred the sale about the 30th of the prior month.

However, if you’re a new publisher then it will take an additional month approximately as they keep track of new publishers fairly closely.

It should take a moment to learn the interface, reviews, etc. of CJ. com. But it’s applicable to any or all networks as all of them have their own method of reporting and monitoring system.

And their customer care is excellent. You get one-to-one assistance via email or phone so you get dedicated affiliate marketer account representatives when you’re generating sales/leads consistently for an advertiser.

One more thing… it’s liberated to join the CJ Network with no special website requirements exist. Once your software is approved, you are able to simply sign into CJ Account Manager and affect different affiliate applications.

Some of all of them approve publishers immediately while some approve manually following reviewing your account/website. But you’ll need a quality website to obtain approval for person affiliate programs because big brands about the CJ Network say yes to publishers manually.

Nevertheless, you can get in touch with the advertiser directly should you got denied but believe that you could promote them in an effective way.

And it’s worth to say that CJ deactivates the publisher account in the event that it doesn’t produce a commissionable transaction for 6 months. That’s not just about all, you will additionally be charged the $10 dormant accounts fee.

It implies that, if you known a sale as well as earned $10 within commissions then it will likely be reversed if a person didn’t generate any income within the next 6 several weeks. But there’s absolutely no negative billing and also you won’t be billed ever for maintaining your account idle and never generating any sale whatsoever.

  • Alexa Rank: two, 142
  • Minimum Repayment Amount: $100 (Check); $50 (Direct Deposit)
  • Payment Method(s): Examine, Direct Deposit
  • Programs Provided: CPA, CPL, CPS, CPC
  • Referral Plan: No


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