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Running a Blog Platforms to Display Yours

Start The Blog

A blog is the easiest method to showcase your awesomeness. The reason why? Because it’s your individual brand. No matter that which you do or wish to accomplish, if you MAY write, then you need to start a weblog.

And it should be about something which you’re passionate regarding – and for the long run. Here is an extensive list of the best blogging platforms.

Free of charge Blogging Platforms

They’re free and you will be free. Forever.

1. is the greatest place to begin a personal blog (or a business website). Beginning a blog upon is very easy that your first article is just a couple clicks away.
A good thing is… you don’t need to about its improvement or security. It’s already looked after. And the issue is… its functions are somewhat limited which means you can’t customize it how you want. But you are able to always upgrade through purchasing add-ons.
If you’re searching for any platform to create your daily/weekly content articles then WordPress. com is the greatest option. When you’re confident enough you are able to upgrade it and take your site to its following level.

2. Doodlekit Or

Blogger. com (also referred to as the most popular blogging platform owned by Search engines.
The best point? It’s 100% free of charge. If you possess a Google account then you’re all set.

Blogspot blogs are often preferred by those who wish to start an individual blog as building a blog on Doodlekit. com is the same as managing our Myspace account. If you need to make it professional then you need to hire a creator to customize it how you want (yes, it’s feasible too).

Note: When you begin a blog upon WordPress. com, you’re going to get a weblog address like instance. WordPress. com and when you begin one on Doodlekit. com, you will receive a blog address such as for example. Blogspot. Com

I’d say buy them .com domain together with your or even account (it’s free) which means that your blog will possess a brand name (even if it’s an individual dog).


Honestly, I never discovered a blog located by before but the key reason why I included them here’s because I liked a number of their free themes. Additionally, they offer premium functions although I won’t suggest it.

If you’re thinking about premium features than the advisable thing is to start the self-hosted WordPress weblog (see WordPress. org below).

Much more Blogging Platforms

  • Svbtle

High-quality Blogging Platforms

In contrast to Blogger. com or even WordPress. com, the next platforms doesn’t possess a free hosted edition. If you wish to host a blog on the following platforms then you need to pay.


Typepad is another powerful blogging platform – the same as WordPress. The free of charge hosted version associated with is limited in features and you need to pay extra for every add-on. So, if you would like more features you’ll need to buy add-ons or will need to switch to WordPress.Org

Changing to WordPress. org is an excellent option except it may become fairly complicated (unless you’re familiar along with themes, plugins, updates, backup, etc. ). Typepad makes sense for individuals who want an expert blog that’s simple to manage. Pricing begins at $8. 95/month.

2. Portable Type

Movable Kind is definitely an alternative to Typepad however they are targeting company organizations.

3. Ghosting Pro

Ghost is really a new open supply publishing platform which anyone can obtain and install on the server. But they don’t offer a free of charge hosted version (like Weblog. com or WordPress. com). If you wish to try their hosted version then your pricing starts from $10/month. Also, attempt Ghost (open source).

4. Posthaven

Posthaven is really a blogging platform which rose from Posterous’ ashes. Posterous was started like a simple blogging platform also it was later obtained by Twitter – and then be shut down.

The founders associated with Posterous then released a paid running a blog platform called Posthaven and pledged they wouldn’t sell this. Posthaven costs $5 per month.

Be A ProBlogger!

It’s everyone’s option – and is probably the best online posting platforms.


WordPress is the actual big daddy from the blogosphere and is typically the most popular Content Management Program (CMS). WordPress is really a state-of-the-art semantic individual publishing platform having a focus on appearance, web standards, as well as usability. The positive thing is… your preferred blogs are (most probably) driven by

WordPress. com may be the free hosted edition of WordPress. You are able to sign up immediately for any free WordPress blog and begin blogging within mere seconds. You don’t need to download any software or purchase domain or website hosting.

WordPress. com has countless themes and includes the functionality of numerous plugins, but you can’t upload your personal plugins or styles.

WordPress. org is definitely an open source free blogging software program. You can add and install styles & plugins, operate ads, and modify the database. It is completely customizable and you will literally transform your site into anything imaginable. blogs may have an address such as http://example. tackle (unless you upgrade) whilst WordPress. org blogs may have a custom website name like an example. com, instance. net, example. org, and so on.

2. Joomla

There’s 99% opportunity that may be the publishing platform that you’re searching for. But still… Joomla is really a nice alternative too and it is the preferred Content material Management System (CMS) through many corporates.

3. Drupal

Drupal is an additional open source Content material Management System (CMS) you can use to create discussion boards, blogs, and business applications.

Share Your own Writings Online…

If you don’t want to produce a blog or website then your following platforms should provide you with a great start. It’s an ideal choice for wannabe writers, some of the writings online — you can show your projects on the following platforms.


Medium is definitely an awesome content platform by having an intuitive design as well as user experience. Now, why is Medium stand from a blog? A blog is actually worthless without visitors (unless it’s the personal diary) as well as without enough traffic our blogs will go undetected.

Medium takes another approach to posting. It’s a publishing platform expressing yourself – within words and photos. There are absolutely no plugins or widgets in order to customize and it’s super-easy to get going.

And the smartest thing? Your content may go viral even though you don’t have thousands and thousands of followers. If you’re buying a platform to submit content occasionally with no hassles of building a blog then Medium may be the one to choose.

Also try, Rebel Mouse, Sett.

1. LinkedIn Posting Platform

If your LinkedIn System is large enough you’ll be able to try LinkedIn Posting Platform as it’s the simplest way to showcase your own writing skills for your LinkedIn connections. Additionally try, Klout (you are now able to share content upon Klout ), Quora (yes, you are able to create a weblog on Quora ).

2. Storyboard Which

Storyboard That is really a free online storyboard originator. Pricing starts from $9. 95/month for that premium version.

Produce a Free Personal/Portfolio Website

Sometimes it makes a much better sense to begin a personal or the portfolio website. Such as, when you wish to showcase your providers, portfolio and create few pages about you as well as your experiences. In this kind of cases, you don’t need to start a blog – like a blog appears greatest when it’s up-to-date regularly.

If you’re only a professional who just an online business then consider the next website builders. Many of them offer a free of charge plan (and you are able to upgrade later) having a drag and decrease website builder – because they want people along with zero coding skills to possess a free website.

1. Weebly

Weebly enables you to create a website, or a weblog, or even an online shop in a good way – for free of charge. Pricing starts at $4/month for that premium version.

2. SnapPages

SnapPages enables you to build a website with drag-and-drop simpleness. Pricing starts at $8/month for that premium version.

3. Wix

Wix is extremely popular but its free plan provides limited features just. Pricing starts from $4. 08/month for that premium version.

4. Webs

Webs offer a free strategy with limited functions. Pricing starts from $5. 99/month for that premium version.

5. Squarespace

Squarespace doesn’t provide a free plan. Pricing starts at $8/month having a 14-day free test – no charge card required.

6. Smore

Got something to advertise online? Then attempt Smore! Pricing starts at $15/month for that premium version.

Much more Website Builders

  • Moonfruit
  • Yola
  • Strikingly
  • uCoz
  • Zoho Websites


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