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Article Writing Job Site List

GENERATE PROFITS as Writer | Freelancer | Blogger

1. Top Tenz
Top Tenz will work over 2.4 million websites per month to more than 1.5 million satisfied Work.
We publish top 10 lists that inform and amuse, focusing on issues that vary from the touch and norm on the bizarre.

2. ListVerse
Listverse assists over 30 million pages per month to more than eight million visitors. We publish lists that intrigue and inform, focusing on the lesser-known or bizarre trivia. Every full day we present three or even more new, unique lists.

3. The Money Stretcher
The Buck Stretcher is several publications dedicated to “Living Better…for Less”. The target is to provide viewers with ways to help them save money and time.

4. Reverb Press
Reverb Press is a reports and lifestyle webzine which is the merchandise of the expertise and dedication of any team of smart, savvy, talented writers, designers, and technicians dedicated to the maxim Advertisement Extremum Vero, Semper – The Truth Always Wins IN THE LONG RUN.

5. The Everyday Windshield
The Everyday Windshield can be an online magazine dedicated to the trip of life through faith, family, fashion, food, and fun.

6. The Daily Heckle
The Daily Heckle is a blog for bloggers who want to receive a commission for posting their opinions. Authors can make money based on how popular their posts are.

7. CollegeHumor
CollegeHumor Media provides daily comedic content, including videos, pictures, jokes, and articles, created and/or curated by the CollegeHumor staff. CollegeHumor Media appeals to more than 15 million every month unique and produces more than 100 million training video views per month.

8. WritersWeekly is one of the oldest and most well-known sites on freelance writing. It has been published since 1997 continuously.

9. WOW! Women On Writing
WOW! is a global magazine, made to support women’s ingenuity, energy, blood, tears, and sweat, throughout all stages of the writing process.

10. Money For Writers
FundsforWriters can be an online source for authors. We highlight finding money to make writing an authentic career. Obviously, you’d write anyway. That’s the way of the writer.

11. A List Apart
A List Aside explores the look, development, and interpretation of content, with a special concentrate on web expectations and best practices.

12. InstantShift
InstantShift is an enthusiasm and design related community for web designers and programmers daily reference, premium and ideas web site design and development.

13. Smashing Magazine
Smashing Magazine is an online journal for professional Web designers and programmers, with a give attention to useful techniques, guidelines, and valuable resources.

14. SitePoint
SitePoint provides cutting-edge content for web specialists — developers, designers, programmers, site and freelancers owners.

15. SpyreStudios
SpyreStudios can be an online magazine about web-design & development and the myriads of other subject areas that fall among.

16. Photoshop Tutorials
Photoshop training for rookies to experts. Learn tips and tricks how to use Photoshop for photo editing, manipulations, designs, and even more.

17. UX Booth
UX Booth is a publication by and then for the user experience community. Our readership includes beginning-to-intermediate user experience and interaction designers mostly, but anyone interested in making the net a better location to be is pleasant.

18. Crazyleaf Design
Crazyleaf Design is a web design, illustration, and encoding company. We build functional, standards-compliant and rich unique web sites visually.

19. AppStorm
AppStorm brings you not just reviews of great (and not so excellent) apps, but we around them up into classified lists also, give you how-to tips and tricks to obtain additional out of them, and incorporate it with a healthy dosage of related news.

20. Techopedia
From defining the latest technical buzzword to checking out enterprise-level decisions, Techopedia is designed to help you understand technology.

22. Make Technical Easier
Make Technology Easier focuses on computer tutorials, how-to, fixes, and hacks. Our motto is to “Uncomplicating the complicated, making life easier”.

23. Smart Bread
Wise Bread is a community of bloggers here to help you live large on a tiny budget. Despite what you might have heard, you don’t have to sacrifice your financial independence to take pleasure from life.

24. International Living
International Living has been aiding people to discover the world’s best places to have, retire and travel since 1979.

25. Matador
Matador is the world’s largest indie travel publisher, with over 12 million unique regular monthly visitors.

26. GloHoliday
GloHoliday is a travel articles site that delivers complete resources for visiting all over the global world, including holiday areas, festivals, public holiday seasons, hotel booking, flight information and travel tips getting thousands of regular monthly guests.

27. BootsnAll
BootsnAll provides resources and motivation to get you on the highway.

28. Viator Travel Blog
At Viator, we believe that travel has the power to make the global world a much better place. That is our place on the internet to share our passion and inspire all of us to make that next trip.

29. TheExpeditioner
TheExpeditioner is a travel site for the enthusiastic traveler displaying travel articles from among the better travel writers on earth, as well as travel reports, commentary, insight and training video from a premiere team of bloggers from around the globe.

30. Wand’rly Magazine
Wand’rly is an online journal for full-time travelers.

31. Scary Mommy
A parenting website for imperfect parents.

33. Alaska Parent
Alaska Father or mother is a free, full-color family and parenting publication, posted 4 times per 12 months. As Alaska’s exclusive, parenting resource all-in-one, our visitors include parents with children age range newborn through teens, as well as expectant mothers.

34. WorkingMother
WorkingMother is the digital hub of career-focused and entrepreneur moms, including best companies to improve, features and tips centered on work and home.

35. Vela Magazine
Vela has considered steps to help close the byline gender distance by submitting exceptional nonfiction written by women.

36. SUNLIGHT Magazine
The Sun is an independent, ad-free regular monthly mag that for more than thirty years has used words and photographs to invoke the splendor and heartache of being human.

37. Grasslimb
Grasslimb is a twice-yearly literary journal offering prose, artwork, and poetry. Just finished . to read while you’re having a nice cup of coffee or tea!

 Follow the rules before Applying:

  1. Usually, do not apply to each and every website that is listed here. Your applications are assessed by real people, so apply only if it’s relevant, and do respect their time.
  2. You don’t need to be a native British speaker to add a blog post to the above blogs. But you must be interested in this issue and must possess excellent writing skills (particularly if you are pitching a high authority blog).
  3. You can show your skills by including a web link to a sample blog post which you have written. Just ensure that it’s related to the theme of the blog that you are pitching.
  4. An active blog and an active social media presence (especially Twitter and LinkedIn) is obviously appreciated.
  5. You can even make a real connection with one of the creators or editors of your blog (via email or interpersonal marketing) in a genuine way so that you can eventually pitch them in an agreeable way.
  6. None of them of the above websites are for newcomers — that is, for those who haven’t written a post before…
  7. It might take several times (if not weeks) to really get your articles posted on a top blog as the majority of them are flooded with concerns and requests. In the event that you didn’t get an answer, say in a week or even in a month, then it probably means they are either not interested or you didn’t match their targets (it’s ok to follow-up but at least hang on weekly or two).
  8. Finally, do not send the precise pitch to all or any websites (even if they’re in the same industry). Instead, send a custom one to each website and make it short and simple.


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