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Make Money from Music Review

Wanna earn some actual actual life money, just by sitting in your own home in your pants hearing music? Who tend to be we kidding, obviously you do!

Slicethepie is really a music review web site that pays a person (yes, in cash) with regard to sharing your truthful opinions on brand new unsigned artists.

You might also need the opportunity to earn much more dosh by referring your pals and earning commission using their reviews too. What better method to make money compared to discovering awesome audio and sharing your views onto it?

Typically you can get to earn 6-10p for each review you write on the website and 10% commission in your referrals, so as you won’t get rich starightaway, it’s not a poor income if you’re doing something you like anyway.

You might think it’s seems like an ace idea to rig the system somehow to obtain more money. Sadly for you personally, however, Slicethepie are constantly looking for unnatural useage as well as you’ll promptly obtain banned. Play reasonable!
Here’s our whistle-stop essential guide for you to get your account balance from the ground and assembling your first couple of reviews.

Writing Your own First Review within 3 Steps.

1. Get a merchant account

First things very first, click here to join up for the Slicethepie ‘Scout’ accounts.
Go through the register steps which will receive a quick profile associated with you and what type of music you’re in to.

Make sure you utilize the email related to your Paypal accounts! Once you’ve opened up your account you’re prepared to start earning immediately.

2. Review the track

You’ll be streamed the track at random to hear. Review the music within the text box below the ball player and rate it from ten using the actual slider.

What must i write?
It’s vital that you write a great, honest and full overview of the tracks as this can boost your ratings on the website, which means you’ll generate more cash. Create lengthy, detailed and constructive reviews to ensure you earn probably the most money.

These might include: melody, harmonies, lyrics, expressive, arrangement, rhythm as well as production, to name but several. Try to always keep in mind the commercial potential of the track when a person review it too – can it be a hit within the mainstream market?

Reviews go right to artists so attempt to give feedback which supports them improve their own music, commenting on a variety of aspects of the song.

Money earned for reviews is going to be added for your requirements balance and you can observe how much you’ve earned inside your session too.

3. Money out!

As soon because you’ve earned no less than $10, you’ll have the ability to withdraw your earnings right to PayPal. Then all you need to do is work out how you can spend the cash

Earn money out of your friends’ reviews as well
If you wish to maximise your income, or if you’re not up for critiquing yourself but want some extra wallet money, then Slicethepie might help with that as well.

Once you’ve authorized, you’ll be in a position to refer friends towards the site using your specific link and make money using the reviews THESE PEOPLE submit.

To discover your link, just hit ‘Invite Friends’ within the Scout or MySlice tab:

Then sit back again, relax and watch the cash roll in! It truly is that simple, and this isn’t a scam. In total Slicethepie has paid out more than £1 million to reviewers and also you could soon take part in it.

For more on boosting your earnings, check out our big listing of money making.


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