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If you start the work, then at first register only on 5-6 PTC websites, if possible on trusted PTC websites.
Be familiar with the PTC websites that you are working on, because besides clicking you have several other opportunities to make money. If the PTC work well after you can work on even 40/50 websites.
They are more PTC websites you work on, the more money you earn. The charter is simple: Register more and more PTC sites, and earn as much money as you can…

Real and Best PTC Sites List to Work:

PTC List suggested PTC working sites.

worth to start the PTC work. If you work on PTC website, then within a few months, you will have money to advertise and as a result of this. If you do not want to advertise and collect direct referrals, With the help rented referrals, often more money can be earned, than with direct referrals. As you start renting referrals, your PTC income rise suddenly. If you rent many referrals,
it is worth to buy Premium Membership because in this way you can earn more money.

Deposit a greater amount of money only to the following Traffic Exchange List, there are top exclusive pages, where You can collect ad credits a trusted PTC websites. For your clicking, you get not only money but also points.  If you are hardworking then after a few months you can duplicate your income and later you can earn 5 times or 100 times more than a beginner. To this, you need premium memberships and referrals.

Earn extra benefits with Traffic Exchange

There are many Traffic Exchange Sites where You can’t earn money. On these sites, it is unnecessary to surf. On the following Traffic Exchange List, there are exclusive pages, where You can collect ad credits and money.

What is Traffic Exchange?

If you want to start a successful in online business, then You need to advertise. If You don’t advertise, Others people will not know about your business so you will not earn money online. If You want to make money online,  On Traffic Exchange Sites You can advertise free.

You watch other people’s ads. In return, other people also watch your ads.

By using Top Traffic Exchange Sites, You can promote your referral banners and links. This way You can receive new referrals. If You have a website, You can also advertise it. If You do not have a website, don’t be disappointed.
Make an own splash page/pages and make money Successful away. If You are persistent then You will have more ads more money.

On every top Traffic Exchange Site, You have the chance to buy Premium Membership. This is compulsory nowhere.  The premium members can collect more credits, get higher commissions and bigger bonuses.

Free options

On the internet, You can advertise in a variety of ways. Of course, you can advertise for money. Here, You can even buy credits. If you want to a free advertise,  then it is also opportunity if you work on PTC site and more earning,
You find all the recommended PTC Sites. The other free adoption is a Traffic Exchange.

A Good Advice:

Register on at least five Traffic Exchange Sites and surf on these at the same time. Thus, credits come faster. On Traffic Exchange Sites, You probably won’t earn a fortune. Although, these are perfectly suitable to start your way to make money online.




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